Company History

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Screen_Shot_2011_10_20_at_3.42.19_PM_368079440Chinese Manufacturing

Tofasco’s initial efforts were focused on acquiring Chinese manufacturing capacity and capabilities. Some of the early endeavors included handicrafts and recreational furniture. During this phase, Tofasco managed and sourced with numerous Chinese factories in various categories located throughout China.

Lessons were learned and strong relationships forged! Tofasco built its foothold!


North American and European Sales and Marketing

This foothold in Chinese manufacturing allowed Tofasco the opportunity to initiate, develop and refine contacts and expertise with strategic North American (and later European) sales, marketing and retail contacts. Today, Tofasco enjoys business relations with access to a who's who of the retail industry (Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Target, Costco, Kohl's, Carrefour, The Metro Group, Home Depot, Best Buy, ASDA and many, many others.) Building business relationships with these leading retailers have propelled Tofasco into new and dynamic categories, such as wearable devices, home automation, green technologies, portable energy, and mobile technologies, consumer electronics, home furnishings, auto parts, storage and many others.


Comprehensive Logistics And Sales Services

It was at this juncture that Tofasco evolved into a new stage in its evolution. What truly sets Tofasco apart from other companies? What is Tofasco's true asset? It is not that Tofasco owns or has experience with Chinese manufacturing, or that it has forged relationships with leading retailers. There are many companies that possess some of these elements. Rather, Tofasco's asset - "raison d'être" - is that Tofasco is able to bridge the Chinese-Western market chasm. Tofasco has proven that it can do this with great efficiency and speed while remaining agile as markets and trends change.

Today and Tomorrow for Tofasco

How is Tofasco utilizing its core assets and reshaping its core? Not by being a manufacturer; not by being a marketer - rather, by offering a comprehensive set of skills and services that will enable:

  1. Manufacturers to identify markets and opportunities, and to establish organizations and relations with those who sell to the world's premier retailers;
  2. Inventors to identify and enlist those who can manufacture and sell, and thus bring their inventions to market; and
  3. Investors to identify opportunities that will allow them to turn their investments into profits and capital gains - and to do so with a minimum of risk.

In essence, Tofasco looks to assist the Chinese manufacturers in pursuing export markets; the inventor looking for the capital, manufacturing and/or marketing expertise; and the investor searching for returns by turning the daunting and dangerous chasm between Chinese and Western markets into a bridge of opportunities, leading to product placement, sales, and most importantly, profits!


why us?


Years Experience
From humble beginnings out of a small office at California in 1994, Tofasco has grown into an industry leader and has set the bar for excellence in quality, innovation, project management, diversity and operations. This has resulted in very successful projects throughout North America Tofasco’s proven solutions have turned challenges into tangible business and solid profit opportunities.


Successful Projects
Project success is based on many different factors. Meticulous research and detailed planning are critical to any project's success. Using Tofasco's SMART™ system a project's market potential is quickly identified and quantified. Key decisions are made early on based on these metrics. Tofasco executes its projects by placing great emphasis the reduction of risks, assuring maximum returns.


Partners and Growing
Tofasco's ability for creating an environment affording the seamless integration of services based on partner needs has been critical to project success. Partners are able to focus on what they do best. Tofasco supports its partners every step of the way assuring project success. This environment minimizes waste of critical resources. Resources are put to best use. In an era where 40% of projects fail, wouldn't you rather partner with a proven winner?