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gall-5Tofasco offers a menu of services that a manufacturer, inventor or investor may choose from, with the goal of achieving placement, sales and profits with the world's leading retailers while minimizing fixed cost investments, and thus risk! Prospective manufacturers can choose the entire menu of services or order a la carte from the following list


  • Trend Identification: Identify and target current and upcoming product and market trends to assure early entry.
  • Market Strategy: Identify market segments, appropriate items and associated price points and target customers.
  • Manufacturing Strategy: Identify appropriate and capable manufacturing resources.
  • Product Development: Lead or assist in the development of market-applicable and customer-relevant products.
  • Branding & Licensing: Identify, direct and manage branding and licensing opportunities.
  • Artwork and Packaging: Lead or assist in the creation and design of market-applicable and customer-relevant packaging.

Business Creation, Organization, Administrative and Legal Services

  • U.S. Entity: Manage incorporation of a domestic U.S. entity from which to launch marketing, sales and logistics operations.
  • Legal and Administrative Services: Manage all government- and business-related legal requirements, including formal company registration, product liability and legal compliance issues, patent and trademark application and maintenance, trade name, trademark and website domain acquisition and maintenance.
  • Sales Force: Hire and establish compensation programs within stated and agreed upon limitations for an internal sales team and appropriate sales representative network.
  • Investment: Identify and provide sources of equity capital via Tofasco's internal and external resources.

Sales Management

  • Sales Parameters: Establish and monitor sales goals and limitations.
  • Sales Development: Direct and maintain the activities of the internal and external sales structure.
  • Sales Process: Bear the costs of and organize sales presentation, including sales staff communications and equipment, sampling, travel, and other related sales presentation responsibilities and costs.
  • Sales Promotion and Tools: Create (where appropriate), manage and administer sales promotional tools such as mail in rebates, in-store promotions, etc.

Marketing Management

  • Trade Show Management: Identify, budget and manage attendance at relevant trade shows.
  • Public Relations: Identify, budget and manage relevant public relations and media opportunities and agencies to increase brand and market presence.

Logistics & Operations

  • Sales Accounting and Invoicing
  • Meeting Customer EDI Requirements
  • Order Management
  • Technical Support
  • Monitoring and Maintaining P & L
  • Domestic Warehousing & Shipping
  • Customer Service Operations


why us?


Years Experience
From humble beginnings out of a small office at California in 1994, Tofasco has grown into an industry leader and has set the bar for excellence in quality, innovation, project management, diversity and operations. This has resulted in very successful projects throughout North America Tofasco’s proven solutions have turned challenges into tangible business and solid profit opportunities.


Successful Projects
Project success is based on many different factors. Meticulous research and detailed planning are critical to any project's success. Using Tofasco's SMART™ system a project's market potential is quickly identified and quantified. Key decisions are made early on based on these metrics. Tofasco executes its projects by placing great emphasis the reduction of risks, assuring maximum returns.


Partners and Growing
Tofasco's ability for creating an environment affording the seamless integration of services based on partner needs has been critical to project success. Partners are able to focus on what they do best. Tofasco supports its partners every step of the way assuring project success. This environment minimizes waste of critical resources. Resources are put to best use. In an era where 40% of projects fail, wouldn't you rather partner with a proven winner?