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gall-10Are you a Manufacturer with extra capacity? Tofasco can help find or provide projects that will increase your efficiency. Whether prototyping or outsourcing the development of an invention, Tofasco endeavors to find opportunities suited for production environment.

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why us?


Years Experience
From humble beginnings out of a small office at California in 1994, Tofasco has grown into an industry leader and has set the bar for excellence in quality, innovation, project management, diversity and operations. This has resulted in very successful projects throughout North America Tofasco’s proven solutions have turned challenges into tangible business and solid profit opportunities.


Successful Projects
Project success is based on many different factors. Meticulous research and detailed planning are critical to any project's success. Using Tofasco's SMART™ system a project's market potential is quickly identified and quantified. Key decisions are made early on based on these metrics. Tofasco executes its projects by placing great emphasis the reduction of risks, assuring maximum returns.


Partners and Growing
Tofasco's ability for creating an environment affording the seamless integration of services based on partner needs has been critical to project success. Partners are able to focus on what they do best. Tofasco supports its partners every step of the way assuring project success. This environment minimizes waste of critical resources. Resources are put to best use. In an era where 40% of projects fail, wouldn't you rather partner with a proven winner?